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|| RouteMap - The Field Force Monitoring System ||

|| Monitor Targets & Coverage ||
  • Create databases of current and potential customers.
  • Monitor visits and track unvisited targets.
  • Use sophisticated algorithms to rank unvisited targets on visit age + target priority.
  • Quickly track target visit history.
|| Monitor Field Force Actions and Productivity ||
  • Use predefined actions to track visit objectives.
  • Compare visits/day across field staff, cities and regions.
  • Compile long term databases of visit statistics.
|| Track Employee Expenses ||
  • Categorize expenses across locations and heads.
  • Manage employee imprest accounts.
  • Compute cost per visit statistics across cities, states and regions.
  • Compare employee cost ratios.
|| Other features ||
  • Export and Import data from branch offices.
  • Built in, user extendable state and city database.
  • Works with all major RDBMS such as Oracle/SQL Server.

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